Teaching Experience

Neumann University, School of Business, Undergraduate courses taught

CIS 102 Introduction to Computer Science

CIS 201 Introduction to Computer Programming

CIS 220 Management Information Systems

CIS 340 Data and Information Management

CIS 345 Web Development

CIS 350 Systems Analysis and Design

CIS 360 IT Infrastructure

CIS 410 IS Strategy, Management and Acquisition

CIS 411 Information Assurance and Security

CIS 430 IS Project Management

DA 201 Introduction to Data Analytics

DA 203 Database and Data Warehouse

DA 301 Spreadsheet Data Analysis and Business Modelling

DA 302 Data Visualization

DA 303 Data Mining for Business Intelligence

DA 401 Machine Learning

DA 402 Data Analytics Apps Development I

DA 403 Data Analytics Apps Development II


Cabrini College, Department of Information Science & Technology, Undergraduate courses taught

IST 100 Computer Technology

IST 125 Information Management and Technology

IST 225 Computer Information Systems

IST 275 Social Computing

IST 290 Systems Development

IST 300 Database Management Systems I

IST 315 Human Computer Interaction

IST 335 Computer Networking

IST 375 Web-based Systems


Drexel College of Information Science & Technology, Graduate courses

Info 624 Information Retrieval Systems (2006,2007,2008)

Info 780 Digital Preservation (2 sections; spring 2008 & fall 2008)

Info 780 Multimedia Information Retrieval (Doctoral Seminar)

Info 643 Information Services in Organizations (2008)

Drexel College of Information Science & Technology, Undergraduate courses

ISYS 140, Information Systems Lab I (Basic IT Skills), 13 sections

ISYS 141, Information Systems Lab II (Visual Basic I), 5 sections

ISYS 142, Information Systems Lab III (Visual Basic II), 9 sections.

INFO 300, Information Retrieval Systems (Teaching Assistant) 1 section

INFO 360, Natural language Processing(Teaching Assistant) 1 section

 Teaching Interests

Bullet icon Data Analytics

Bullet icon Social Computing

Bullet icon Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) and Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Bullet icon Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Bullet icon Digital Libraries and Metadata

Bullet icon Computer programming and Systems Development

Bullet icon Database modeling and design

Bullet icon Pedagogical methods and online learning environment design